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Hidden Fairies in the Garden Cake

Inspired by the idea of spying hidden flower fairies between leaves and flowers, I had the idea of trying to achieve something similar with a cake. A quick guide to making beautiful, hand painted floral elements to make your little ones eyes widen with wonder.

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How to get your overseas shop on with kids in tow

I am a big fan of bringing home a special keepsake from each of my travels. Something that will be kept; handed down & have memories attached to it. All those little pieces we picked up in Rome remind us of our engagement…woodcuts from Myanmar remind us of the days when we carried large objets…

Sweet dreams for little ones: ‘Make a Rainbow’ relaxation practise

My little Goldie has always been high octane. A friend once called her ‘Baby on steroids’  for her non-stop personality as a toddler. At 4 she is a super ball of energy. So we need to take it down a notch at bedtime to guarantee solid sleep. She’s at that ages where overtired can equal…

Learning from my greatest teachers: my kids

‘The Rainbow’ is 19 months, 4 days old today. She’s giving herself a lovely ballpoint tattoo & scribbling on a document that needs to go back to the bank. Still, it’s an improvement on last week when she went Picasso on the couch in green  marker pen. I should intervene but I figure the bank…

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