About Me

Rainbows only appear after rain…but first, there has to be sun.

The sunshine in my life is my girl, let’s call her ‘Goldie’. From the moment she existed she exuded light. And nothing can stop that light from burning more brightly each day. Not even when we lost her brother, Gabe, and it started to rain. And rain. And RAIN.

But Goldie, her light peeped through even on the hardest days. Extracting smiles we thought we might not have anymore. And then, our little beauty, ‘the Rainbow’, came along. Colouring our life with SUCH epic joy after so much pain.

So people, listen up. Every day counts. Be present and live in the moment. Travel. Create. Give. Meditate. Party. I write about traveling the world with our babes on our backs; going OTT on birthday parties; being present in your day & trying to be a good parent – to all of my kids.

This blog pays homage to my girls, Goldie & the Rainbow who guide me do this everyday…& my Angel Gabe, playing tonka trucks up in the sky. He teaches me more than anyone on earth could – even if he was born into heaven.

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